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Visiting Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is best known for its majestic falls and surrounding beauty. The city features many beautiful parks and manicured gardens all along the Niagara Parkway with astonishing views and pathways along the waterfalls and the Niagara gorge and river. The waterfalls were formed over 12000 years ago by receding glaciers. The waterfalls combine the thrill of height and speed with a stunning drop of over 50 meters and a water flow of over 56.3 km/hour. Daredevils and visitors are awe-inspired by the waterfalls of Niagara every year.

The city of Niagara Falls has abundant accommodations, wineries, historic sites, fine dining, golf courses, theatre, Casinos, spas, nature trails, night life and a variety of fun attractions whether you are an individual traveller, a romantic couple, or traveling with your family.


The Legend of Thundering Waters

The original "Maid of the Mist" is based on a Haudenosaunee legend about a beautiful woman called Lelawala. Mourning the death of her husband she canoed out onto the Niagara river and fell over the falls singing a beautiful mourning song, the God of Thunder Heno caught her as she fell and brought her into his home beneath the waterfalls. She healed from her loss and they fell in love and she later gave birth to a baby. Then, one day a terrible snake came to threaten her people poisoning the waters and many died. The snake went to claim the dead and remaining people so Lelawala went to warn them and her people escaped. When the snake reached the deserted land he grew angry and hissed loudly, the God of Thunder heard him and rose to strike him with a thunderbolt.  The slain body of the snake formed a large semi-circle at the top of the falls channeling its waters. Heno and Lelawala returned to the waterfalls to protect their people for all time.


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